The Freedom of Quran Discussion by Ibrahim Abdallah

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Large social reform in the Middle East is not possible unless discussion about the heavenly origins of the Quran happens freely––which is not possible because of the laws prohibiting such discussion, and punishing those who leave Islam by execution.

In the United States of America, we have the freedom to have this discussion, and we need to take advantage of this unique privilege, and start a discussion about all the verses of the Quran that contradict science, logic, and 21st century ethics.

Freedom from the rigid framework of the life of Muhammad ibn Abdallah, who is viewed by over a billion Muslims as the most honorable man to ever walk on Planet Earth, might not change women’s conditions in the Middle East immediately, but at least primitive acts like kidnapping and enslaving women during war, or the marriage of a 9-year-old girl to a 50-year-old man could be condemned freely by the society without the fear of burning in eternal hell for allowing the thought of falsehood of Islam to cross their minds; or the more real, earthly fear of being accused of questioning Islam.

Islam––like all primitive Middle Eastern religions––restricts freedom of thought. It even describes some thoughts as evil, and prohibits humans from contemplating thoughts critical of Islam.

Muhammad is a religious and political exception in his influence that still affects the social progress of humans in the 21st century. No religious or political figure in human history has ever reached that level of influence that Muhammad ibn Abdallah has had––and still continues to have––on as many people for as long of a time.

Slavery is allowed in Islam. And the extreme militants of Da’esh (ISIS)/Ikhwan Inc. are working within the limits of what Islamic sources have reported as actions of Muhammad during his life, particularly after his immigration to Medina.

Muhammad’s Quran has the qualities of a book written by a freedom fighter in Mecca, but a political leader in Medina

Muhammad threatened his wives with divorce, after one of his wives, Aisha, found him in bed with his slave, Maria. Muhammad used the Quran, as a message from the creator of the universe, to threaten his wives for him. [This is correct. Verses 66:1-5 of the Quran are directed at Aisha and Hafsa (another one of his wives involved in the incident), asking them to repent.]

For over a billion humans to regard a book contradictory to scientific information, a book that allows slavery, states that women’s testimony in court is worth half a man’s testimony, and includes plenty of violent verses that many who read the book without understanding the context which Muhammad used these verses in, will understand the verses to mean exactly what they say: “Kill them wherever you find them.”

Discussion about the truth of Islam cannot be had in mosques. Muslimish is a space where people who still identify with Islam in one way or another can freely discuss the issues they have with Islam, teachings that don’t make sense to them, family pressures, scientific facts that cannot be ignored. Understanding that life on Earth started and evolved will liberate humans from their slavery to an unseen God, who in his final message to humans, elevated obedience above all other values, and discouraged followers from asking the questions that might make them worse (i.e. disobedient) if they knew the answers.

We were not banished to Planet Earth. We came from Planet Earth. And we are alive. Let’s make it count.