Sohail Ahmad: Defining Terms, Exploring Paradigms #MuslimishDetroit2019

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Bio: Sohail Ahmad is an activist in the ex-Muslim space. He holds a bachelor of applied science in Systems Design Engineering with an honors in Economics. In his capacity as an activist, Sohail is engaged in both community organizing and public outreach. Sohail has been a Toronto Chapter Lead for both Muslimish and the Ex-Muslims of North America while also engaging in online activism under the alias ‘Reason on Faith’. His public activism has a simple mission: To challenge the theological underpinnings of Islam most often through the lens of modernist apologetics, such as those coming from movements like the Ahmadiyya, into which he was born. To that end, Sohail released his inaugural YouTube video in May of 2019, where he came out publicly and for the very first time. It’s a two-and-a-half hour documentary style presentation touching upon why he left, theological problems with Islam, and where we might go from here.

Abstract: The question of coexistence as regards science and Islam, or of science and any other religion for that matter, has always come down to how we define terms. Something that is both obvious and subtle. Of course, this question has been raised before. It’s also been answered before. Yet the answers have been, and will continue to be, all over the map. In this talk, Sohail Ahmad unpacks the science and Islam question by defining terms to illustrate how our presuppositions can and do, yield vastly different answers to this age old question.

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