End Blasphemy Laws Today

On 30 September, International Blasphemy Day, #EndBlasphemyLaws #BlasphemyNotACrime #BlasphemyDay A quarter of the world’s countries and territories (26%) have anti-blasphemy laws or policies, and more than one-in-ten (13%) countries have laws or policies penalizing apostasy. According to Pew research, laws restricting apostasy and blasphemy are most common in the Middle East and North Africa, whereContinue reading “End Blasphemy Laws Today”

The Freedom of Quran Discussion by Ibrahim Abdallah

Large social reform in the Middle East is not possible unless discussion about the heavenly origins of the Quran happens freely––which is not possible because of the laws prohibiting such discussion, and punishing those who leave Islam by execution. In the United States of America, we have the freedom to have this discussion, and weContinue reading “The Freedom of Quran Discussion by Ibrahim Abdallah”