Dr. Gonzalo Munevar: Implications of Biological Evolution #MuslimishDetroit2019

Bio: Ph.D., Philosophy, University of California, Berkeley, 1975. M.A., Philosophy, California State University at Northridge, 1971. B.A., Philosophy, California State University at Northridge, 1970. Specialized in Philosophy of Science, Neuroscience. His main research interest is in Experimental Neuroscience, Evolutionary Biology, Space Exploration, Philosophy of Science. Dr. Munevar taught Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, Sensation and Perception, Abnormal Psychology, Philosophy of Natural Science, Philosophy of Space Exploration, Philosophy of Biology, Evolutionary Biology, History of Science, Philosophy of Mind, Ethics, South American Fiction, Creative Writing, Logic, Mathematics, History of Philosophy, Developmental Psychology and Animal Behavior.

Dr. Munvar has been awarded the Distinguished Research Award from University of Nebraska at Omaha, 1986, Nebraska Foundation Professorship, University of Nebraska at Omaha, 1986-89, Ethel Wattis Kimball Fellowship, Stanford Humanities Center, Stanford University, 1983-84. and many research grants from multiple universities. Published books include: A Philosophical Inquiry into the Nature and Limits of Science, Avebury Publishing Co., England, and Hackett Publishing Co., 1981. Evolution and the Naked Truth, Ashgate Publishing Ltd., 1998.The Master of Fate (Novel), Black Heron Press, 2000. Alex in Femiland: A Politically Incorrect Novel of Morals (Novel), 2017.

Abstract: This talk will briefly describe how Darwin’s principles of variation and natural selection interact to account for the evolution of living beings. Several examples will be provided to illustrate the main points; and explanations will be provided for some of the main implications of biological evolution.

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Wissam, Wesley, or simply W, is an educator, writer, entrepreneur, engineer, activist, ex-Imam, humanist, liberal thinker with interest and mediocre attempt at many takes of life. A modern confused Renaissance man, who uses doubt as a path for emancipation and science as a road towards enlightenment.

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