Sohan Dsouza: Islam in the Scientific Apologetics Ecosystem #MuslimishDetroit2019

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Part 2:

Bio: Sohan Dsouza is a graduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, doing research in computational social science and the ethics of artificial intelligence. He has long led the Secular Society of MIT, and has been active in Boston-area secular activism, atheist organization, and counterapologetics. He experienced his childhood and much of his adult life in the United Arab Emirates. He has also been active in theatre and comedy.

Abstract: Reconciling immutable scriptural assertion and rapidly expanding scientific knowledge has been growing in importance within theistic apologetics in the West over the last half century, resulting in a great diversity of approaches. While a few attempts had then been made by figures in Islamic apologetics, such as Maurice Bucaille and Harun Yahya, Islamic scientific apologetics took on a new urgency and momentum in the internet age, as the accumulated intellectual weaponry of the pro-science and counterapologetics movements eating away at Christendom became accessible to the Ummah, and online platforms simultaneously offered a new medium for countering that very threat. This talk is an overview of Islamic scientific apologetics examined both in terms of its unique aspects, as well the challenges and solutions it shares with other theistic apologetics traditions.

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Wissam, Wesley, or simply W, is an educator, writer, entrepreneur, engineer, activist, ex-Imam, humanist, liberal thinker with interest and mediocre attempt at many takes of life. A modern confused Renaissance man, who uses doubt as a path for emancipation and science as a road towards enlightenment.

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